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If you face criminal charges in Florida, you need an experienced attorney

Being arrested and charged with a crime is serious, no matter what the offense. Citations that seem trivial or minor often have long-lasting ramifications. People who have been arrested before can face jail time, and those for whom it is a first offense find that the incident lingers on in background checks and employment applications.

Scott F. Kotler, P.A. provides criminal defense services to Miami and Broward Counties, as well as surrounding communities like Pine Crest and Kendall. My practice handles every type of charge. You can feel assured that you are protected by the highest level of legal service. I fight to make sure your case is resolved favorably.

A defense lawyer who knows the system

I work cases in an aggressive manner and I am straightforward with my clients and my opposition. My practice stands out through my:

  • History as a prosecutor — I worked for the state for years. I am familiar with the tactics and strategies that prosecutors use. I put this knowledge to use for my clients.
  • Trial experience Trials are a major event, and often determine the course of a defendant’s life. I have tried more than 125 cases. Do not rely on someone without trial experience.
  • Personal attention to my clients I make sure that all of my clients stay informed of every detail of their case so that they are never in the dark. I handle every matter personally.

I am the sole practitioner in my criminal defense law firm. I represent clients from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, Pine Crest and Kendall. Speak with me today to find out more about what the law practice of Scott F. Kotler can do for you.

A firm that can handle any charge, no matter how serious

I represent clients accused of any crime, regardless whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony. Areas in which my practice focuses include:

  • DUI defense — An arrest for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol can result in jail time, a suspended sentence and heavy fines. A conviction can threaten a defendant’s job and career prospects. I work to have charges reduced or dismissed.
  • Drug crimes — Florida’s drug laws are some of the nation’s toughest, yet prescription drug abuse is increasing in the state. Someone with prior convictions may face a stiffer sentence. I defend clients accused of possession of illicit drugs in any amount, including those that qualify as trafficking.
  • Domestic violence — Domestic violence charges have serious consequences that affect your family and follow you for years. If you have received an injunction or restraining order, you should speak with a criminal defense lawyer immediately.
  • Violent Crimes —Charges such as murder and battery have stiff sentences and are the most likely accusations to result in a trial. A defendant facing decades in prison needs a seasoned trial attorney.
  • Sealing and expunction of records — Arrests that were dismissed or diverted should not linger on your record. Having them sealed or expunged can keep the past from interfering with your job and employment opportunities.

Contact me for a free initial consultation about your criminal law case at my office in Coral Gables

I am an aggressive defense attorney who fights on behalf of my clients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and surrounding communities. Everyone has the right to a fair defense and a lawyer who can guide them through the criminal justice process. Contact my office at 305-804-2436 or online to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more. My office is conveniently located on LeJeune Road. Mass transit options are available.

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